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Enrique Andrada

Madrid | Spain


"When I paint, it's crucial for me to have music playing, and its influence is clearly reflected in my brushstrokes."

E. Andrada


The color palettes selected by the artist, coupled with organic textures and the landscapes he creates, serve to evoke an atmosphere of tranquility and introspection. He intentionally incorporates subtle shapes and spaces within his art that may not be immediately obvious, with the intention of eliciting a sense of discovery and novelty.


His aim is to portray the diverse natural settings that have captivated him, inviting exploration, enjoyment, and evoking his personal experiences and emotions.


From oceans, forests, and lakes, to serene paths winding through trees, blossoming flowers, uncharted nooks, and sunsets — these are the themes he depicts.

He invites viewers to immerse themselves in these scenes, encouraging them to become a part of the narrative.





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