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Felix Rios

Puerto Rico | USA


"I explore the dialogue between colors, shapes, and proportions and the relationship with their surroundings.”


The artist delves into the dialogue between colors, shapes, and proportions, emphasizing their relationship with the environment. Their work, characterized by an intense aesthetic pursuit, draws upon geometric abstraction and minimalism to explore the beauty of form. With proportions inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and a color palette influenced by Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy, their art transcends mere mathematical or scientific concepts. Instead, it focuses on geometric precision and the emotions it provokes. Beyond analytical exploration, the artist recreates encounters with pure forms and the rhythms of their interrelations, offering a compelling and emotionally resonant visual experience.

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Born in 1968 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Felix Rios has established himself as a dynamic visual artist, now residing and creating in Miami, Florida. His early life in Puerto Rico laid the foundation for a lifelong passion and deep appreciation for art and design, guiding his academic and professional journey. Rios's formal education in the arts commenced with an Associate Degree in Architectural Drawing from the esteemed Liceo de Arte y Tecnología de Puerto Rico. His quest for knowledge and skill further led him to the Miami International University of Arts and Design, where he immersed himself in the study of Interior Design. These academic pursuits not only honed his technical abilities but also enriched his creative expression.

The breadth of Rios's refined aesthetic sense is a direct reflection of his diverse experiences. His extensive travels, frequent visits to museums and gallery exhibitions, and an unwavering love for art books have all been instrumental in shaping his artistic voice. These experiences have allowed him to absorb a multitude of cultural influences, weaving them into the unique tapestry of his work.

In 2020, Rios expanded his artistic repertoire by studying painting under the tutelage of renowned artist and professor Guillermo García-Cruz at the Abstract Art School S35 in Madrid, Spain. This period marked a significant evolution in his style and approach to art. That same year, Rios embarked on a series of artistic coaching sessions with Katherine Chacón, a respected Venezuelan curator. These sessions provided him with valuable insights and perspectives that further refined his artistic vision.

2021 was a landmark year for Rios, as he debuted his first solo exhibition at IMAGO Art in Action in Miami. This exhibition was a culmination of years of dedication, learning, and artistic exploration, showcasing his ability to communicate powerful narratives through visual mediums.

Felix Rios's work, celebrated for its depth and beauty, has found homes in various private and public collections across a diverse range of countries, including Puerto Rico, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, France, and Italy. His art not only reflects his personal journey but also resonates with a global audience, making him a significant figure in the contemporary art world.

Here is a selection of exhibitions featuring Felix Rios's work :



- Solo exhibition at Laundromat Art Space: "Colors, Shapes and Forms" in Miami, FL.

- Collective exhibition at Sala de Exposiciones del Plata: "Art in Motion II" in Dorado, PR.


- Collective exhibition atSala de Exposiciones del Plata: "Art in Motion" in Dorado, PR.
- Collective exhibition at Landromat Art Space: "X Marks the Spot" in Miami, FL.


- Solo exhibition at IMAGO Art in Action: "Rhythms" in Miami, FL.


- Collective exhibition at Galeria Petrus: "Celebration" in San Juan, PR.
Collective exhibition at Geleria Petrus: "Pasion an Blanco y Negro" in San Juan, PR.

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