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       Liam McWilliams is an extraordinarily talented artist, renowned for his ability to paint intricate details on large-scale murals. We met Liam in Wynwood, Miami, where he was working on a mural. It was astonishing to see him painting from a small sketch on paper. His ability to visualize and project the painting onto any surface or dimension is truly remarkable. Liam's skill extends to almost any medium, showcasing his versatility and exceptional talent.

'Artists use their idea of self to filter and explore the experience of life.' 

Liam McWilliams

United States of America


        Liam "4am" McWilliams has established himself as a prominent figure in the commercial arts space from a young age. A graduate of the prestigious Pratt Institute in 2010, Liam has devoted over a decade to mastering mural painting and excelling in the hand-painted advertising industry.

     His career has taken him across major cities in the United States, providing him with extensive experience in managing diverse variables and extreme conditions. Liam's portfolio boasts projects of varying scales, from intimate canvas works to massive wallscapes exceeding 10,000 square feet.

His commitment to his craft has seen him painting in a wide range of weather conditions, from enduring the freezing polar vortex of Chicago at negative 30 degrees to braving heat waves surpassing 110 degrees in Austin, Texas.

Liam's dedication to craftsmanship is unmatched, and he consistently brings a high level of work ethic and creativity to every project. His passion for art is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence.


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