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Yakinthi Stratopoulou

Athens | Greece


“A thousand Dreams within me softly burn: From time to time my heart is like some oak,Whose blood runs golden where a branch is torn.”

Arthur Rimbaud


Yakinthi Stratopoulou is a Greek multimedia artist who engages with a diverse range of materials, exploring various techniques and colors to convey the poetic essence of creation.

Her artistic narrative is driven by emotions, which take center stage and guide her hands on an imaginary journey through drawings, colors, brushes, photos, videos, and words.

The core focus of her art lies in people and the emotions she encounters through her interactions with them. She explores the dynamics of connection and loss, seeking to transform these experiences into abstract shapes, forms, colors, and words. In doing so, she also reflects her own artistic and spiritual process of creation.

Within her work, figures merge within dreamlike settings, where blue symbolizes the color of the soul. Numerous faces and bodies are concealed within the canvas, representing different aspects of our existence, and together they evoke profound emotions in the form of images and poems.

This is her way of addressing the urgent and essential needs of our time: the necessity to love, to feel, and to connect as spiritual beings, expressing our true and authentic selves.



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